Three Things a Week

I’m trying to accomplish three things a week around our loft. I don’t want to be too unrealistic about what I can get done and if I can only get one or two things done its not the end of the world. This week its painting the big wall by our dining table, hanging two paintings, hanging one shelf unit and hanging my new Noguchi light! So technically its four things, but Zach will be helping me with all of the hanging and we should be able to get it done in a night. I am so excited to have our dining area done. I think it will create an all around feel with the dining/living area. I decided to go with the Ekby/Jarpen/Ekby Gallo wall shelf in white. I kept going back and forth between this shelf and the String Pocket Shelves. Zach liked this shelf better and it was about $100 cheaper. I like that the shelf will kind of fade into the wall while whatever I put on it will really be showcased. At the beginning of football season Zach told me that if he won his Fantasy Football league that he would buy me the hanging Akari light that I’ve been wanting forever. He totally made good by his word after he won he immediately surprised me and bought it. I had actually forgotten that he said he’d buy me the light. I love Zach!