Pinback, ‘Proceed to Memory’ | Music News | Rolling Stone

I don’t write too much about my husband Zach. I mention him occasionally when I write about Skye or when I am working on a house project (which he endlessly endures). He is an amazing husband and father, but he is an especially amazing musician. His new album is coming out October 16th and Rolling Stone just premiered a new single on their website. I’ve gone back to listen to it a few times and I really really like it. Skye likes it too!  I don’t get to listen to Zach’s music a lot at home which kind of stinks because I’m a total fan, but I don’t think he likes listening to himself all the time. Good thing he just left for a mini tour with his old band so Skye and  I can listen to this song over and over.

Have a listen and enjoy!

Song Premiere: Pinback, ‘Proceed to Memory’ | Music News | Rolling Stone.