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When I first started this blog earlier in the year it was a way for me to work on my goals. Mainly it was goals that I had for working on projects around our loft. At the time I was giving myself three goals a week with the exception that if I could only get one of them done that it wasn’t the end of the world. Obviously, I haven’t stuck to my three goals a week. Largely in part because I realized that I was accomplishing three or more things a week regardless of me posting them on the blog.

Sometimes its hard to keep a promise to yourself. But to realize that its not the end of the world is okay too. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do around my home lately. So I was kind of thinking about declaring them here to get my lazy ass in gear. I’ll be the first to admit that trying to get any major project done with a two year old is difficult. I read somewhere that trying to pick up after a toddler is like trying to shovel snow while its still snowing. Two year olds are hard work period. And trying to tackle anything with one in tow is maddening.

So here is my list of things that I would like to do. Preferably before Zach leaves for a month long Pinback tour.

1. Take down Noguchi light and have the cord extended so I can swag it across the ceiling and hang over my dining table

2. Bring long Kilim runner to the upholsterer and have floor pillows made

3. Put the freaking handles on the two kitchen islands that we bought SIX MONTHS AGO!

4. Take down and re-hang the picture ledges/book shelves in the hallway. Whats the saying measure twice cut once. Yeah, we didn’t listen to that one and now we can’t close the hallway door. Duh!   Yay!!!

I’m going to leave the list as-is right now and not add anymore to it.  None of these things are that difficult and I don’t even have to do two of them. I just need to bring them to the appropriate person to do them for me. Oh my gosh I am so lazy!

Woolly Pockets

Lately, I have been obsessed with hanging gardens and have been toying around with the idea of making a large living wall with succulents or going the Woolly Pocket route and doing something really lush and full. We recently expanded our patio space to include a play area for Skye and it has the perfect wall for a hanging garden. My mom surprised me on my birthday with two Woolly Pockets and my father and step mother got me a gift card at a local nursery to get some plants. The Woolly Pocket directions are really easy to follow and they each came with hardware to attach them to the wall. I got a few different kind of ferns and I am really happy with the results.

And last, but not least are my Woolly Pockets in Skye’s rock pit.

Concrete with a pop of yellow

 We have a few concrete walls in our home and a bright pop of color on the ceiling would look so amazing.


Getting some rest

 I haven’t slept through the night since I was pregnant. So going on two years of a very unrestful sleep because Skye still nurses at night and he also has night terrors. So I have to either nurse or comfort him all night long. Usually every 2-3 hours. I don’t mean to complain because I know a lot of mothers have gone even longer than I have, but I’m definitely starting to feel the effects of these sleepless nights (all 730 of them). I’m going away for two nights by myself in July for my best friends wedding. I am hoping that I can jam pack some rest into those two nights. We’ll see, I’ll probably wake up all night anyway because thats what I’m use to. Wow! That would really suck.

 This morning I decided to google Hammocks. I don’t have room for a hammock on the back patio, but the idea of laying all snuggled up and relaxed in one seemed so amazing. The hammocks below are the one’s that I was most attracted to. They’re simple and beachy and modern. Perfect for an afternoon catnap!


Staghorn Fern Envy

I have seen this picture of Julianne Moore’s garden a few times now and my ever-growing jealousy of her Staghorn Fern wall garden is maddening. I bought a Staghorn Fern last year at a Master Gardeners Sale in Balboa Park on a whim and I hate to admit it, but it’s been doing lousy ever since. I mostly blame the ugly gigantic building that is getting built right outside my back door that has more than blocked out all of our light and covered everything in a thick layer of stucco dust. We use to have thriving beautiful plants on the patio, but now what plants are left are growing in weird contorted mangled directions trying to get any bit of sun that they can get. Its sad. Starting tomorrow and over the course of the next few days the ugly green tarp and scaffolding that have been blocking out all the light are suppose to be taken down and the back of the building has been painted white. So hopefully (fingers crossed) we will get some nice reflection from the sun and our plants will start thriving again.

picture sourced from Design Sleuth: Julianne Moore’s Staghorn Ferns : Remodelista.


I have been so obsessed with putting our mattress on the floor lately. So the other day I lugged our king size mattress off of the bed frame and onto the floor and its been there ever since. Zach took apart the frame the other day and I swear its more comfortable than it ever was before. I love this picture so much. I wish we had as much beautiful natural light coming into our room, but alas its a dark room in the back of our loft. The only option is to keep everything light as possible. Don’t you just want to snuggle up here and never leave?



A few years ago my sister Elissa and I were sitting on the train going to work. I noticed her oddly staring and scrutinizing my nose. Totally weirded out I asked her what she was looking at? She asked did you use to have your nose pierced? I said yes, remember when we were 19 years old. She said What kind of nose ring did you wear? In a hushed whisper I answered a Pot Leaf. There was silence and then her hysterical laughter engulfed the L train so loudly that I slouched down in my seat from sheer embarrassment. Yes, I use to wear a silver pot leaf nose ring in my right nostril. I also had grape purple hair down to my butt, wore blue Birkenstocks and worked at a Head Shop in Providence,RI doing hair wraps.

I cannot believe that I just admitted all of this…

Fast forward oh I don’t know a whole bunch of years and I’m walking through the aisles of Michaels Craft Store when I stumbled across this really cool yarn from Martha Stewart with the color name Mambo on sale for $2.49. I instantly thought WOW! this would make a really cool macrame plant holder for my bathroom. I swooped up four packages and came home to excitedly put my dormant macrame/hair wrap talents to good use.

I already had a glass globe and I had just found a bag of tiny white rocks stashed away in the back of a closet. I just needed a succulent, a ceiling hook and I was ready to go. I made it to hang a little over five feet long because I really wanted the globe to hang low. I adore how it came out. Zach on the other hand is a little freaked out by the fact that we now own a fuchsia macrame plant holder. I think he’ll get over it.

Its dreamy isn’t it?

Living Room

I am so in love with this room. I am especially in love with the floor pillows. I love our living room set up, but there is this weird gap between the carpet and the piano that super bugs me. A few huge floor pillows like this might do the trick! We actually have an old Kilim rug that my parents gave to us that I could take to an upholsterer to have made into floor pillows, but when I mentioned it to Zach he shot it down. I guess I’ll have to start scouring the internet and antique stores to find some and hopefully Sam the dog doesn’t make them his new bed.

Oh, and my three tasks last week have not been accomplished. I am ashamed… Not really. I was able to paint the kitchen cabinets and they look amazing, but I still have yet to sew up the wall hanging and hang the shelves. Having a one year old is the biggest time suck ever. Going to parks is serious business. And we go to a lot of parks. Ah well, better that my child have a super fun childhood instead of his mom slaving away all day on housework. Right?


Have you ever regretted having a renovation done? I do… Every time I look at the back splash in my bathroom my eyes immediately go to every area that the tiles don’t match up.  I have daydreams of cutting all the tile out and relaying it myself. I have a secret plot to do it once Zach is on tour so that he won’t freak out on me for paying to have something done and then doing it over. We’ve been down this road before. The worst part is that they’re Heath tiles that I splurged on with no plan to use them at the time. I just wanted to own a box of Heath tiles. I know it’s silly, but in my head I knew they would look fantastic in my house. So when it came time to redo the bathroom my box of tile that I had sitting around for how long finally got to be used. Lesson one when you are having someone else work on your home DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE! I left and when I came back the tile wasn’t laid subway style and half of them don’t match up. I need to speak up for myself more when I am not happy about things and not worry if I’m going to offend someone. So now for the past 3 years every time I look at the tile it just bums me out. Someday (hopefully soon) I’ll fix it.

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