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Sick Week

Well we got hit by the sick bug hard this past week. First Skye had a really high fever. I think that his second year molars are coming in and Zach got hit with a really horrible migraine. The two of them ended up in bed together for the day.

Is this not the cutest picture ever? I came home from running errands and found the two of them tangled up together asleep. My heart pretty much melted into a lovey dovey mess.

Friday night Skye and I were¬†at the playground by our building with a friend and her daughter when Skye fell down a few concrete stairs face first. I managed to catch him by his waste, but his face still smacked the stair and he jammed his poor little hand and arm. So off to the ER we went to make sure his arm wasn’t broken. Thank goodness its not, but Skye is pretty scarred by the ER visit. I swear he was having flashbacks of being a preemie and spending the first month of his life in the hospital.

The kid does look pretty cute with a shiner.

Now, we’re all sick with a head cold. I feel like we just can’t catch a break. Lets hope that it passes quickly and we’ll all be on the mend soon.

Terrible Two’s

Today was a difficult day with Skye. I’m lucky that these days are so far and few between, but I’m wondering if this is the start of the Terrible Two’s?

I’m partly trying to wean Skye from breastfeeding. Hopefully, by his second birthday he will be off the boob. Today he tried nursing for the millionth time and it wasn’t even 10 am yet. I told him no and that boobies went night night ( I can’t believe I talk like this sometimes) and he got so angry that he started to pick up all his trains and throw them on the ground and then he took my favorite book (Handcrafted Modern) and threw that on the the ground. He then threw himself onto the ground and started to hit his head. I just stood there in utter disbelief. Obviously the kid needed a moment. I on the other hand could have used a cocktail or at least another cup of coffee.

I know some kids fits last for a while and luckily his only lasted for a few minutes before I was able to distract him with something. I love that he needs me so much for comfort, but it is also very debilitating for me at the same time. Skye likes to comfort nurse which means he likes to use me as a pacifier and he wants to use me wherever we go. Seriously at this stage in the game the whole world has seen my boobs. There is no shame in my game anymore. I wish he would take a pacifier, but somewhere around his first birthday he started to refuse it and latched onto me for all of his comfort.

I actually called the La Leche League a few weeks ago to see if they could give me some advice about stopping, but I have yet to hear from anyone. They probably heard my message and deleted it because I want to stop breastfeeding not embrace it until he goes off to college (I’m joking).

I am hoping that Skye’s tantrum today isn’t the start of more to come. My little guy has always been so chill. I also know that this is just a moment in time and its not forever, but any advice on how to handle outbursts like this are more than welcome. I guess I’m just going to have to go with the flow and let him get his frustration out. Obviously he is having overwhelming feelings that he has no clue how to express and I know that has to be so difficult for him. I guess we’ll just have to ride it out and see what happens. Hopefully, not the Terrible Two’s.

Good Days/Bad Days

Today was one of the hardest days that I have ever had with Skye. He has a cold, he’s clingy and he’s getting a few new teeth. I could barely put him down all day. He clung to me like a spider monkey and was pulling my shirt down to nurse the entire day. I couldn’t even use the bathroom without having to hold him. At one point (and I feel so bad saying this) I thought “please just leave me alone”. I feel so awful that I even thought that because I know how bad he needed me for comfort. After a much needed nap I put him screaming into the stroller to run some errands. These pictures were taken for maybe the five minute period that I let him walk around freely by the fountain that he loves so much. It was short lived after he tried to run into the street twice. We had to go to the hardware store to get a few things and the man who makes the keys let him press the big green button! That made his day until I had to put him into his carriage. Now he is sleeping sweetly in his crib and I keep on looking at pictures of him because I miss him. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

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