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Picking out a Christmas Tree

Skye loved picking out a Christmas Tree the other day. He kept on running around yelling Trees at the top of his lungs. I think that we picked a pretty good one. I’ll post a few pictures later. I made a ton of garland over the weekend and I’m still spray gluing and dumping gold and silver glitter on it. I even made a tree skirt that came out really nice. 

I am pretty excited for Christmas this year, especially now that Skye is a bit older. It’s definitely more fun watching him get excited and bewildered with everything that is going on around him. I hope that he has a magical childhood with tons of great family memories.


A Black, White & Grey Holiday Gift Guide

I thought that I would put together a few holiday gift lists over the next few weeks and I figured what better place to start than a black & white gift list! OB-Black & White Christmas Gift List



Perfect glass vases for a single flower stem

via: Holmegaard

Recycled Trampolines

I love the never-ending ideas that people come up with to re-purpose old items. I just came across a few photos on Pinterest of backyard trampolines turned into suspended beds. I so so so wish I had a huge backyard to do this!

Bright White

I am in awe of this London home. 

viashoot factory


Mushroom Foraging

One of the things that my mom, sister and I would love to do is to go mushroom foraging. I just came across this mushroom knife and brush from a beautifully curated  store in Toronto called Mjolk. Looks like we might have a mushroom foraging adventure in the near future. 

Woolly Pockets

Lately, I have been obsessed with hanging gardens and have been toying around with the idea of making a large living wall with succulents or going the Woolly Pocket route and doing something really lush and full. We recently expanded our patio space to include a play area for Skye and it has the perfect wall for a hanging garden. My mom surprised me on my birthday with two Woolly Pockets and my father and step mother got me a gift card at a local nursery to get some plants. The Woolly Pocket directions are really easy to follow and they each came with hardware to attach them to the wall. I got a few different kind of ferns and I am really happy with the results.

And last, but not least are my Woolly Pockets in Skye’s rock pit.

12 Stylish Outdoor Planters

I just wrote my first piece about stylish outdoor planters for a new parenting website called 

12 Stylish Outdoor Planters – Portable and Plantable –

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are my favorite indoor house plant. I think that their size can look intimidating, but they are relatively easy to take care of. I give mine a good watering about once a month and I wipe the leaves down every week so that they don’t get dusty and this allows them to get the most sunlight. These images are some that I like to look at a lot for inspiration. They definitely are statement makers and create such a huge impact in a room.



I saw this photo today over at from Vitra


Seriously, could you even imagine?

via: the new bohemians. / sfgirlbybay.

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