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In My Dreams Christmas Wish List

This is my ultimate in my dreams Christmas Wish List.


Muuto Dots: You can get these in packs of 5 or buy them singly. I go back and forth between wanting a few in Oak and a few in Black, but ultimately I think I would just like all Oak. canvas_nat_circa50 canvas_black_circa50

Butterfly Chair: With a black base and one cover in Natural and the other in BlackHeath-House-Number-Neutra-1-Mid-Century-White-HN-N1-G107-731by607_14Heath-House-Number-Neutra-0-Mid-Century-White-HN-N0-G107-731by607_14Heath-House-Number-Neutra-8-Mid-Century-White-HN-N8-G107-731by607_14Heath-House-Number-Track-Eames-3-Teak-Stainless-Back-HNT-002-731by607_7Heath Ceramics Neutra House Numbers: These would look great on the wood fence outside our rusty metal door. Too bad they’re out of stock…


Heath Ceramics Bud Vase from the Seasonal Collection in Night Sky/Stellar

But most of all I am so grateful to be able to spend the holiday with my little family

Chair Crush

I have a major major chair crush going on right now. So much so that this chair might make me not want to get the butterfly chair that I just posted about for the back patio and get this beauty instead. 

The Pioneer Chair is handmade by a family owned and operated  business in New Hampshire. Its modeled after chairs that are dated back to the Mayan Civilization and is designed to be therapeutic and good for the back. Sign me up! I want this chair!

Available at Joinery

Currently drooling over…

I really want a butterfly chair for our back patio. I’d love to have a warm white canvas cover and black frame. I’m not sure if thats a stupid decision because we have a white chair out there now and Skye dumps all the rocks from his rock pit on it and it always looks dirty. So maybe two covers would work. One in black and the other in white so I can change them out if one gets dirty.

Circa50 sells Butterfly Chairs that were designed in 1938 by Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, also known as the BKF and the Hardoy chair. I like these chairs the best compared to other reproduction style chairs because of the originality and the frame is fluid. Other Butterfly chairs you can see the joints or there is a padding, grip type thing. They look more like an outdoor camping chair. The Hardoy Butterfly Chair is elegant and effortless.


Modern Mobiles

Here is a new piece about Modern Mobiles that I just worked on for

Bookhou Flock Mobile


I ordered the Normann Copenhagen Tablo Table on August 29th!

Get here already!

I can’t wait anymore!

House & Home

Just a few things around the house that I have fallen in love with recently

Method All Purpose Cleaner Ginger Yuzu

Method All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner Ginger Yuzu Scent. Seriously this has to be the best scent that Method has come out with. Its fresh and sweet, but not too sweet. It does a great job at cleaning and I feel good about using it around our son Skye and our  14 year old dog Sam. I even mix it with a bucket of warm water to mop our concrete floors. Suffice it to say my house is clean (who knows for how long) and it smells amazing.

Ceramic Water Crock

The tap water in San Diego is horrible. It has even made the Worst Drinking Water List. Just thinking about it makes me gag a little. Growing up in New England we always drank from the tap. The water was cold and fresh and tasted like it came fresh from a bubbling brook. We have tried all of the water purification systems and Zach always thinks the water tastes funny. Personally, I think he’s nuts or maybe he has super crazy active taste buds. Who knows, but I’ve been getting sick of buying bottled water from the store. Its a huge waste of plastic and money. So last week I ordered a 2.5 gallon ceramic water dispenser, wood base for the counter and a 5 gallon BPA free water jug. There is a grocery store by us called Sprouts that has a water dispenser outside of the store. It cost $1.50 to fill this bad boy up! We usually spend about $14-$20 a week on bottled water so this will be a huge savings soon and we can stop wasting plastic!

There are quite a few attractive ceramic water crocks too on the site. I really love the classic black and white stripes paired with the natural wood base.

Chair love

I have a massive chair crush going on right now. The pillow is pretty cute too. 

via: april and may & line klein


Perfect glass vases for a single flower stem

via: Holmegaard

Currently drooling over…

 I haven’t done a currently drooling over lately, but I can’t stop staring at these amazing white oak doors and large door knobs.

via: design & form and house to home

Recycled Trampolines

I love the never-ending ideas that people come up with to re-purpose old items. I just came across a few photos on Pinterest of backyard trampolines turned into suspended beds. I so so so wish I had a huge backyard to do this!

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