I haven’t written a post in weeks. Truth is I went away to New York for a week and was planning on writing some posts while I was away, but for some reason I could never get on my sisters wireless when I was there and then I got home and well, life happened…

I decided to take a trip to New York ALONE to stop breastfeeding Skye. As I’ve mentioned before the kid is hooked on breastfeeding almost to the equivalent of a drug addict. Part of me was so ready to stop and part of me wanted to hold onto it for a bit longer. I am going to romanticize for a moment because it really is just the sweetest most special thing that a mother can share with her child. I love laying together all snuggled up while he nurses and plays with my hair. I love looking at his sweet face while he dozes off to sleep drunk off of love and milk. I love knowing that I am still giving him antibodies to help keep him healthy.

 Okay, the daydreaming romanticizing part is going to halt to a stop now because he also pulls my shirt down wherever we go and throws a full on fit worthy of an Oscar if he doesn’t get it when he wants it.  Everyone from Home Depot to the Barista at my local coffee shop have seen my boobs. As I always say “there is no shame in our game”.  All of my shirts are wonky at the neck because of him pulling the neck down. And I swear he knows which shirts are my favorites because he will pull at them more than most. I think he is secretly plotting against me and my wardrobe.

So, I went 3000 miles away to break the tie (or the boob) between us. It was hard, but it was also really liberating to have my body back and my necklines in place.

I’d like to say we have completely stopped breastfeeding, but when I got back the first thing he asked for was to nurse. I held off for maybe 15 hours before I caved in. Not because he was asking for it, but because I wasn’t 100% ready either. So now I’ve been laying some ground rules between the two of us if we are going to continue to breastfeed. No more pulling down my shirt, no more nursing all night long, and no more fits if he doesn’t get it  right when he wants it.

I think we’re definitely on the path to weaning, but on our schedule. I would like to be done by the time he is three. I’ve gotten a lot of flack about extended nursing Skye. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with extended nursing. It’s not going to make him a weirdo, he never gets sick and its like a reset button if he is crying because he got hurt and he is also extremely independent.

 So if anyone has a problem its theirs not mine. If breastfeeding bothers you then you’re looking too long.  Skye will only be this little once and I would like to cherish this bond a little while longer.

Mother Breast-feeding her Baby, by Louis Fleckenstein, c. 1900.