The wee one

Skye’s second birthday is coming up in a month! We decided that for his birthday we’re going to build him a rock pit in the back yard so he can dig and fill up all of his buckets and trucks with rocks. We also want to get him one present that he could unwrap. Nothing too elaborate, but its so hard to make a decision when there are so many awesome kids toys out there. I’m kind of leaning towards the kiddie pool/ball pit (remember when I bought 100 balls off of Amazon last year for $10) or the white cardboard playhouse that he can color or paint on. Skye is really into mimicking us lately so the pots and pans or the dust pan and broom might be fun too. Good thing we have another month to figure it out.

I would also like to start some kind of birthday tradition where Skye will donate some of his older toys that he’s grown out of to another child who would love them as much as he did. So either we’ll donate to the thrift store or to an organization. There are a lot of homeless families here in San Diego. In fact there is a school in our neighborhood called The Monarch School that caters towards homeless students K-12. Skye doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s very fortunate and I want him to grow up wanting to give and to help others. Zach is always saying that I give all of our money away and my answer is that even though we don’t have as much as some people we have so much more than a lot of other people. There is always a way to help.  This is a way of thinking that I would hope to pass onto Skye.

Pop-Up Pool and Ball Pit

Ikea Mini Kitchen

Cardboard Playhouse

Tea Set

Pots and Pans

Wooden Drum

Dustpan and Broom

Swedish Glockenspiel

via Cutie kid stuff.