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A modern take on Squash Blossom Jewelry


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Up-Cycled Leather Boots

I saw these adorable mini yellow toe capped boots recently on Pinterest and absolutely fell in love with them. Obviously, Skye needed a pair so I went to the website and saw that they cost $85! I’m not about to pay that much money for a pair of shoes that my two-year old will maybe wear for six months. Kind of bummed out about not getting them for Skye (damn you conscience) I remembered that about a year ago a girlfriend of mine gave me a box of her sons hand-me-downs. And there were a pair of brown leather ankle boots from Stride Rite in there so I was inspired to make a version of my own.

Directions to make your own down below

Here is my version

        You will need:

  • Leather Boots/Shoes
  • Leather Paint or Nail Polish (white primer, color &clear coat)(I used nail polish & clear coat nail polish)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Shoe Polish
  • Paint Brushes
  • Painters Tape
  • Q-Tips
  1. Tape off the area that you won’t be painting
  2. Clean the area that will be painted with rubbing alcohol and let dry
  3. In short thin strokes paint a base coat (white) on the leather. This may take two thin coats of white to completely cover the leather
  4. Let dry over night
  5. In short thin strokes paint the color. I did three thin coats of yellow nail polish and I let each coat dry over night.
  6. Apply a thin clear coat of polish and let dry
  7. If there is any extra paint on the shoe you can remove it with a little nail polish remover on a Q-tip
  8. Apply shoe polish with a cloth to the rest of the shoe that wasn’t painted

Voila!!! Super amazing shoes for your toddler or for you! For me this cost about $10 which is way better than $85!

Denim Vest

My mom just made Skye the cutest denim vest with customized patches from Zach’s band t-shirts.  I ordered teeny-tiny versions when I was pregnant. This is such a great way to give a second life to something and Skye looks so cute in it!

She even made a couple for a friends son and daughter, but I’m just going to give a sneak peak so I don’t ruin the surprise.

Wooden Toys: The New Classics

Here is a round-up of wooden toys that could become the new classics that I just wrote for 

Wooden Toys: The New Classics – Balancing Blocks –

Pinback, ‘Proceed to Memory’ | Music News | Rolling Stone

I don’t write too much about my husband Zach. I mention him occasionally when I write about Skye or when I am working on a house project (which he endlessly endures). He is an amazing husband and father, but he is an especially amazing musician. His new album is coming out October 16th and Rolling Stone just premiered a new single on their website. I’ve gone back to listen to it a few times and I really really like it. Skye likes it too!  I don’t get to listen to Zach’s music a lot at home which kind of stinks because I’m a total fan, but I don’t think he likes listening to himself all the time. Good thing he just left for a mini tour with his old band so Skye and  I can listen to this song over and over.

Have a listen and enjoy!

Song Premiere: Pinback, ‘Proceed to Memory’ | Music News | Rolling Stone.

A New Canvas

So Skye’s love of painting and coloring has taken on a whole new canvas. Himself!  He now loves to draw all over his body (including his scalp) and frequently comes up to me holding a marker asking me to draw on his face. 


I just found these wings on Etsy and Skye definitely needs a pair for his sneakers. Now the hard decision is gold or silver? 

Chair love

I have a massive chair crush going on right now. The pillow is pretty cute too. 

via: april and may & line klein


Perfect glass vases for a single flower stem

via: Holmegaard

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