by rayandskye

I’ve written a few times about how much I love painting with Skye. I like showing him new techniques that I think sometimes he really gets. I say sometimes because the kid still tries to drink the paint water no matter how many times I tell him not to. Recently he was painting his table instead of the water-color paper so I showed him how to press the paper onto the painting and do a transfer. He thought that was hysterical and actually made a few great (I think) pieces. During another painting session he would take his painting and immerse it into a bowl of water and swoosh it around. The end result is a really muted, washed out, dreamy looking painting.

I usually take Skye’s shirt off when we paint or I will put one of my aprons on him. A few weeks ago was having a flash sale on Keith Haring art smocks for $5 and I ordered him one. They’re not on sale anymore at Fab, but I did find them on the Bumkins website along with a ton of other cool designs. They’re easy to wipe down and throw into the wash too.