by rayandskye

So in my dream/fantasy life I would live either somewhere on the Hudson River Valley or Ashville, NC. I would have a few acres of land, a huge garden, goats and sheep and a million babies running around. I would have beehives and tap maple trees and bottle up my own maple syrup and try to live a simpler life than we live now. In my other dream/fantasy I would own an RV and drive up and down the coast and park as much by the ocean every single night because I just think that would be an awesome way to wake up every morning.

Ahhhh, to daydream is a beautiful thing…

I just discovered Free Cabin Porn today via Apartment Therapy and have been thoroughly drooling over ever single cabin on every single page. In my daydream I wish that I could live in one of these cute little houses.

Cabin Porn.