Boys Summertime Wardrobe

by rayandskye

I had so much fun putting together some cute boy outfits a few months ago that I thought I would try it out again. I love dressing Skye. I think its definitely one of my favorite things about being a mom. I can tell that Skye is kind of getting into clothes too because every morning after I dress him he walks over to the mirror and checks himself out. The other day I picked a pair of shoes for him and he came back with another pair and motioned for me to change the ones that I picked. He also loves accessories and didn’t bat an eye today when I put a blue bandana around his neck and he ran over with the sweetest smile to show Zach.

Living in Southern California we almost have two climates. Its usually pretty warm in the daytime and then the temperature drops at night. So I like to mix up his clothes and really be able to work warmer and cooler things together. I love layering and I’m definitely not afraid of a little color.

You can find these clothes at Zara, Sweet William, Old Navy, Toms, Winter Water Factory,, H&MVolcom