Month: June, 2012

Shoe Closet

Yes, yes I do think that my heart would skip a beat if I had this shoe closet in my house. What perfect inconspicuous storage.

via interieur – Femke Pastijn.

I’m Back!

So I’ve ignored my blog for almost a week now. I threw my best friend a bridal shower this past weekend and I spent most of last week getting my house prepared, shopping etc… Let me tell you throwing a bridal shower for twenty plus woman alone with a two year old is hard work. It was well worth it, but I’m exhausted. Now I’m onto planning Skye’s second birthday party that will take place in two weeks. Totally different gears going from bridal shower to train theme. 

Anyway, I hope to be back in action this week with some good posts. I’m glad to be back

Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamps

I’m kind of obsessing over these pendant lamps made from used fire extinguisher canisters.

via Fire Extinguisher Pendant Lamps — ACCESSORIES — Better Living Through Design.

Ice Cream Social

We celebrated Fathers Day a few days late this year because Zach was on tour. We decided to have a nice lunch in La Jolla (and by nice I mean we ate at Smash Burger because all Skye eats are french fries) and then get ice cream afterward. Skye has had ice cream before, but never his own cup. He loved it and he loved taking tastes of our ice cream in between bites of his. 

The Trufa House

This definitely has to be the one of the most surreal houses that I have ever seen. It is called the Trufa House (Truffle) designed by Anton García-Abril. It was made by pouring concrete over bales of hay. Once the concrete was hardened it was unearthed and cut open and then a cow named Paulina was allowed to eat the leftover hay over the course of a year which helped to create the shape of the structure. Its pretty mind blowing to say the least.

You can watch a film of the Trufa House here  although, I am sad to say there is no footage of the cow Paulina eating the hay.

via: Truffle by Ensamble Studio: a Piece of Nature Built with Earth | Home Reviews.

Black Desk Accessories

If I ever could get my act together and get my desk cleaned up I would deck it out with these office accessories from Poppin. Who am  I kidding I just really really want that ruler.

Apricot-Mango Jam

Apricot-Mango Jam


  • 1 pound apricots
  • 1 pound frozen mango (I buy mine at Trader Joe’s)
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • juice from 1/2 lemon
  1. wash/dry and cut apricots in half removing the pit
  2. with the fine tip of your knife slice down the center of the vanilla bean and scrape out the seeds
  3. add everything to your pot and bring to a simmer so the sugar dissolves (this just takes a few minutes)
  4. put a lid on the pot and let the mixture sit overnight so that the fruit becomes macerated
  5. remove the lid and bring back to a simmer over a medium heat for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot
  6. when you can run your finger down the back of a wooden spoon and the jam doesn’t ooze back together its done.
  7. remove the vanilla bean and pour into a sterilized jar ( I used a 17oz jar from Ikea)

Enjoy !


Just a few Instagram photos from around my house this week. I went to a really great Potters Guild sale at Balboa Park over the weekend with my friend Melissa and I scored these two gorgeous turquoise glazed porcelain bowls and then I spotted this fabulous hanging water jug/canteen and had to have that as well. On my walk home I spied this really cool rock on the sidewalk and decided that it needed to come live with me displayed next to the Shou Sugi Ban pieces that I made. All in all it was a pretty good weekend for finding treasures!


I saw this photo today over at from Vitra


Seriously, could you even imagine?

via: the new bohemians. / sfgirlbybay.

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Wow! This morning I woke to an email from Samantha telling me that she had nominated me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have to say that I am very flattered and humbled because sometimes I feel like I’m just putting things out into the universe and wondering if anybody else is paying attention. Well, I guess someone is and I would like to thank Samantha for thinking of me.

So the first rule of being nominated for this award is to thank the person who nominated you. Samantha, thank you again! And second you need to share seven things about yourself. So I guess I have to divulge even more personal information about myself than I have already.

  1. My favorite color is blue. When I was little my mom always dressed me in blue and my twin sister in green and the colors stuck as our favorites.
  2. I am originally from Massachusetts
  3. I met my husband two weeks after I moved to California when I was 22 years old
  4. Skye was originally a twin, but unfortunately we lost his sibling during my first trimester
  5. I write left-handed and then I do everything else with my right hand
  6. My dream job is to be an Importer and travel the world buying things like Turkish Bath Towels, Kilim Rugs and other housewares
  7. I am obsessed with adopting another dog and frequently sign us up on dog adoption sites. No one ever calls me back so I guess we’re not good candidates.

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