Shou-Sugi Ban

by rayandskye

So I am kind of obsessed with Shou-sugi ban which is a Japanese technique of burning wood to help preserve it against rot and fire. Typically this technique is not used on the exteriors of modern houses in Japan now, but is seen frequently in older more traditional homes. Over the past few years there has been a modern resurgence of this technique seen in some of the pictures below.

A few years ago my sister and I picked up six windsor dining chairs at a junk store in New York. They weren’t in the best of shape and definitely needed a little love. Having just discovered this technique my sister and I got to torching the chairs until they were a crackled charred black. We then sanded them down and applied oil to help seal them so they wouldn’t leave a black residue. Chic is the only word that I can use to explain how gorgeous these dining chairs turned out.

Occasionally I will pick up some wood bowls or objects at the thrift store for a few bucks and with my $20 torch that I got at the Home Depot I torch them and the end result is something a little more interesting than a $2 bowl from the Salvation Army.

I think we’re about to get a new round wood coffee table that I was thinking of painting a matte black, but this morning it dawned on me how much more amazing a huge low round coffee table would look a-la Shou-sugi ban