Whats behind a name?

by rayandskye

When I was pregnant and Zach and I were coming up with list upon list of baby names we decided that we were going to name the baby Arrow whether it was a boy or girl. Then one day I was walking home and it dawned on me that we couldn’t name the baby Arrow because Zach’s last name is Smith and there was no way that Zach was going to be cool with naming our baby Arrow Smith. I still think Arrow would make the cutest little girl name so someone please add it to your baby name list! So back to making lists we went and when we both showed each other the names that we came up with we had one name in common and that was Skye. Zach’s spelling was with an E and mine was without.

Zach’s reason for wanting to name him Skye was because he just had one of his albums mastered at a studio on the Isle of Skye. Seeming like a totally random place to have an album mastered he looked it up one day and lo and behold it is one of the most beautiful and magical looking places ever.There is no doubt in my mind that fairies, unicorns and all other magical mythical beings reside here. It is breathtakingly beautiful and although neither one of us has ever been there it really captivated both of us. Hopefully when Skye gets a little older we’ll all go there and visit.

On the other hand my reason for coming up with the name Skye was because for as long as I can remember Mr Blue Sky by ELO has been one of my favorite songs. You know that song that you hear in your head as you walk down the street,the song that narrates your life as if you were in a movie. Well Mr Blue Sky is the song that I hear in my head when I walk down the street. This is the lyric that I always sang to Skye while I would be holding him in the nicu. When I would finish singing I would tell him that this was his theme song now too.

Hey you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration, mister blue sky’s up there waitin’
And today is the day we’ve waited for

Both of our reasons for coming up with our babes name totally work for him from his sparkling happy personality down to his sky blue eyes. He owns his name. Somehow cosmically I feel like we both knew that this was the name for our child. He is beautiful and magical and he makes me want to dance down the street with happiness.

ELO – Mr.Blue Sky (Original Promo) – YouTube.