Staghorn Fern Envy

by rayandskye

I have seen this picture of Julianne Moore’s garden a few times now and my ever-growing jealousy of her Staghorn Fern wall garden is maddening. I bought a Staghorn Fern last year at a Master Gardeners Sale in Balboa Park on a whim and I hate to admit it, but it’s been doing lousy ever since. I mostly blame the ugly gigantic building that is getting built right outside my back door that has more than blocked out all of our light and covered everything in a thick layer of stucco dust. We use to have thriving beautiful plants on the patio, but now what plants are left are growing in weird contorted mangled directions trying to get any bit of sun that they can get. Its sad. Starting tomorrow and over the course of the next few days the ugly green tarp and scaffolding that have been blocking out all the light are suppose to be taken down and the back of the building has been painted white. So hopefully (fingers crossed) we will get some nice reflection from the sun and our plants will start thriving again.

picture sourced from Design Sleuth: Julianne Moore’s Staghorn Ferns : Remodelista.