New York

by rayandskye

Our New York trip has been pretty fun. We both got really sick two days after we got here and its been raining a lot. So we’ve been cooped up, but have still managed to get out some. This trip has been so different for me. Usually I am all over the city, but this time I have barely left Brooklyn. Well we did get some amazing Szechuan in Queens our first night.

My sister lives in this really industrial neighborhood in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her tiny block is jam packed with amazing graffiti. Landlords here get fined if they don’t paint over tags or graffiti on their buildings. So my brother in law got his landlord to section off areas of his buildings and gave space to graffiti artists to do as they pleased. The result is really spectacular. Probably the most famous piece is done by our friend Shepard Fairey. Skye has been having such a blast posing in front of all the paintings. Seriously its like a free art museum in this random Williamsburg neighborhood.