Leaving for New York

by rayandskye

Skye and I are leaving for New York tonight for two weeks. Usually I would be so excited about going back east, but the baby doves haven’t hatched yet. I thought that would any day now, but no such luck. I’m sad that I’m going to miss their arrival into the world.

There was a crazy storm this past weekend and the mama bird was so stoic. She sat on those eggs the whole night while it poured rain and the wind was howling and blowing the tree back and forth. I half expected to see the eggs on the ground the next morning. Luckily she did such an amazing job protecting them.

Its been really interesting watching the doves over the past few weeks. The male dove sits on the eggs during the daytime and the female dove sits on them all night and into the morning. She usually arrives to take her post around 630 pm every night and comes by a few times during the day I think to give the male dove some food. They really are a unvbelievable team the way they work together. Its been really amazing to watch and to learn about them.

After much research I learned that when doves hatch for the first few weeks they are called Hatchlings and then as they get a bit older they are called Fledglings. This whole period goes on for about 27 days so they should still be in my tree by the time Skye and I get home. I can’t wait to see them and hear their cute little tweets. I also read that doves will come back to the same nesting spot year after year so I am crossing my fingers that they’ll visit us again next spring.

Anyway, I hope to be able to get some posts up while we’re away. We have a few cool day trips planned that I want to blog about. Yay!!!