Currently drooling over…

by rayandskye

I am obsessed with getting a new coffee table and I thought I’d throw a bench or two in the mix as well because sometimes I think a bench would look super good behind my sofa. I have my heart set on the large white Normann Copenhagen Tablo coffee table. And I love the bench/stool combo designed by Johanna Dehio. Seriously what a fantastic idea! We currently have a coffee table similar to this one and I like it, but with the new building next door blocking out most of our natural light I’d like to keep things light and bright and I kind of feel like the dark wood of the table is bringing things down a bit. Or I could just really really want a new coffee table.

1Johanna Dehio Bench 2&3 Eva Zeisel Coffee Table 4 Tom Dixon Bench 

5 &6 Normann Copenhagen Tablo Coffee Table 7 Muuto Oak Coffee Table