Mini Me

by rayandskye

Skye is definitely a mamas boy, but he loves his papa more than anything. One of Skye’s most favorite things to do is hang out with Zach in the recording studio. He has always loved going in there while Zach is working and strumming on a bass or stepping on a pedal. Even when he was a little baby he loved to be in there while sitting in his bouncy seat. We would joke that we bred a studio kid and that by the time Skye was five he would already be mixing Zach’s next album.

Last week I was folding the laundry and Skye picked up one of Zach’s shirts and started to hug it and dance around the room. I asked him if he wanted to wear it and he said yes. So I put it on him rolled up the sleeves and he proudly walked over to Zach’s studio to show him.

Zach is such a great dad too. I love how he effortlessly transitioned into being a father. He is so nurturing and patient and loving. All qualities one would want in a parent. When Skye was a newborn (preemie) I would watch Zach in amazement as would patiently handle Skye never once breaking a sweat while I would be sitting on the corner of the bed trying to regain a sense of composure.

I love these pictures of them together. Skye is such a mini Zach.