Book Club

by rayandskye

I am so ashamed to admit this, but I’ve read one book in the past two years. I’m almost lying by even saying this because when I was pregnant with Skye I could barely pay enough attention to really sit down and read a book. When I found out that the Happiest Baby on the Block was available on DVD I ditched the book and ordered it immediately. I don’t know whats wrong with me because I use to be such an avid reader. I use to be a stay up all night can’t put a book down kind of gal. Now I just can’t stay up or pay attention to anything longer than a magazine article. Lame…

So last week on a whim I decided to start a book club. I invited seven of my friends to join and laid down the book club law. I even started a private facebook page so I could annoyingly remind everyone to pick their books. Everyone invited had two weeks to pick out two books (just in case the same book was picked) and to bring a description. We will all put our names in a hat and randomly pick what order we will read the books and at whose house it will be hosted that month. Our first meeting is this Sunday at my house and then we will regroup in a month. I’m really excited about my take action approach to life that I seem to have regained recently. I don’t know if its because I have more of a handle on motherhood now or that Skye is a little bit more independent. Whatever it is I like it!

I think I have two books picked. One was a gift from my best friend a few years ago that I haven’t gotten around to reading. Obviously now is the perfect time. I’m going back and forth on the second one. 

Any advice on running a book club? Is there a format? Or should we just have a free for all discussion and let it go whatever way it will.