Lovey Dovey

by rayandskye

A few weeks ago I kept on hearing the most beautiful cooing coming from the bouganvilla tree on our back patio. I took a peek back there and saw that there was a petite grey dove nestled in the branches. I definitely thought she was going to take up residence and build a nest there.

Thinking to myself that this bird picked the right tree to move into I immediately ran out and bought a bird feeder. Not knowing anything about birds I bought a hummingbird feeder and the dove doesn’t use it, but thats okay because it looks super cute hanging from the tree. I’m digressing here.

After I hung up the bird feeder the dove left. I was confident that I had scared it away. Fast forward to this past Sunday. I started to hear cooing again. I looked into the tree and saw the petite dove sitting there. All of a sudden a larger dove flew up with a tiny stick in its mouth landed on a branch and then jumped down into the vines and gave her the stick. This has been going on for three days now. Their nest is so beautiful and intricate and they have been working so hard to build it. I’m trying not to get too close as I don’t want to scare them, but I think they kind of like us. The male bird feels totally comfortable walking around the patio picking up sticks while we are standing there watching him.

I have been having a blast watching them. It also has brought up so many questions for me as I know absolutely nothing about birds or their mating practices. I wonder if the male bird is the father? How long will they build the nest together? When will she lay eggs? Will he leave after she lays the eggs or will he be an active participant when they hatch?

The male dove is working hard for her too. He obsessively flies back and forth with branches for her. He does it all day long. Men should heed some advice from the dove and wait on their pregnant wife/girlfriend hand and foot.

One of the most fascinating things for me is that they chose our tree to set up shop. There is this massive building getting built right now next to ours. There is huge scaffolding and netting practically touching the tree. Maybe they are really smart and know that this is a safe place because it is kind of hidden from predators. I just feel so lucky that they chose our tree to start this new life. I’m getting a little hokey here, but living in the city and not having that much exposure to nature it is just so exciting that this happened!

I’m going to keep posting about the doves who I have named Matthew and Mary Dovely. I somehow feel the need to bring my obsession of Downton Abbey into this situation. Obviously because doves and British aristocrats go hand hand. Yes, I’m odd.