Water Color Painting

by rayandskye

I bought Skye a new set of water color paints, paper and brushes the other day at the art supply store down the street from my house. He loves painting and he loves water so I thought water color painting would be right up his alley. It took me a couple of tries to teach him not to drink the water or suck on the brush, but I think he has it down now. I don’t know who is having more fun painting? Me or him?

Here are a couple of paintings that he and I did together this week.

I think I definitely see a cow in the above painting

The black circles in the above painting are from the top of an old bottle of Skye’s. All of a sudden today he was pushing it onto the paper so I showed him how to dip it into paint and then press it harder onto the paper to make the circles. He loved doing it.

I think painting or doing any kind or art with your child is so important. Its a great experience for a parent and child to share together and hopefully I’m passing along my love of art to Skye.