by rayandskye

I have a lot of collections. When I like something I really like it. I think it all started when I was little. I loved butterflies. Everything I owned had a butterfly on it. Whenever someone saw something with a butterfly they bought it for me. It kind of killed butterflies for me. I occasionally buy something butterfly, but it has to be super super special.

I think my first major collection as an adult has to be my Eva Zeisel collection. My first piece spotted across the aisle at Amvets thrift store was an Eva Zeisel gravy boat with the Arizona pattern on it. This started my obsession. When Zach and I decided to get married my registry included everything that she designed with Klein Reid. I’ve added to the collection significantly over the years through my travels across the country going to antique stores in the middle of nowhere. So much of her newer designs have become available through Nambe, DWR, Room & Board and Eva Zeisel Originals. I met Eva Zeisel last spring at her home in upstate New York and she signed one of my books for me. I couldn’t believe that at 104 years old and barely able to see or hear that she took the time to sign my book.This gesture has made my collection so much more special to me. 

My second largest collection has to be Heath Ceramics. My Heath collection started about 4 or 5 years ago. I was working with my friend Shelly styling a shoot for Food & Wine magazine. I was in Barneys sourcing linens when I came across the Heath section and they were on sale. I got 4 dishes and two bowls in Opaque White. I was going to return the dishes after the shoot, but I fell in love with them and purchased them for myself. This sparked a huge obsession for me. I now have a full table setting plus extras and all of the serving pieces, glasses, textiles, vases, tile and books. You name it I have it! Catherine one of the new owners of Heath even sent me a cute little red bud vase for no reason a few years ago. I tortured a few of my girlfriends by making them go on a tour of the Heath Ceramics factory a few summers ago in Sausalito. It was amazing to see where and how everything was produced. I am a hardcore Heath Ceramics fan. 

I have a huge collection of Kiln Enamel my sister Elissa and her husband Jay’s line of enamel dishes and decorative objects.  A lot of the pieces have been extremely generous gifts and other pieces I worked for trade either styling their trade show booth or working a trade show. I have to say that if I wasn’t related to them I would be a a huge collector. There work is amazing and the craftsmanship is so admirable. You can find there work here and here

My newest collection/obsession are Noguchi lights. I have four of them now and kind of want one for every corner of my house. For years my sister and I sit on the phone her in New York and myself in San Diego both looking at the Noguchi Museum website and discussing which lights we want. We both love and appreciate Noguchi lights. They are organic and modern at the same time and they have been in continuous production for over 50 years. I love design like this. Its probably why I like Heath and Eva Zeisel so much. Good design translates through the years and always looks fresh and new.  Along with having four lights I also have three Akari prints.  The prints through the museum shop are affordable at just $50 a piece and are definite statement makers. They are so delicate as they are made out of rice paper, but with such bold design. I easily think that I could own every single one someday. 

I could go on and on about collections because I have a few more. I’m wondering if I’m a collector or a hoarder? I think that there is definitely going to be a part two of this post.