by rayandskye

I know that it is all self-induced drama, but I swooped in at the last minute today on an Ebay auction. I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding as the seconds ticked by and then I WON!

Yesterday I was bidding on a carpet on Ebay and in the last 3 seconds I was outbid by one measly dollar, but today I was prepared. I set my bid way too high for Zachs’ comfort level and pressed bid with 10 seconds to go. I watched it go up twice and then stop at $71.00!!! Needless to say I was jumping up and down in excitement which then made Skye jump up and down and then we did our happy dance.

So now this beauty is going to come live with us in the next 14-23 days! Its 116 inches long and almost two feet wide and it is going to reside in front of the long cabinets in the kitchen. It will be a rainbow of beautifulness every time I walk into our loft.

I didn’t post last week since I was so busy having my mom and nephew in town. We had so much fun and Skye has some serious hero worship for his big cousin Cougar.