Living Room

by rayandskye

I am so in love with this room. I am especially in love with the floor pillows. I love our living room set up, but there is this weird gap between the carpet and the piano that super bugs me. A few huge floor pillows like this might do the trick! We actually have an old Kilim rug that my parents gave to us that I could take to an upholsterer to have made into floor pillows, but when I mentioned it to Zach he shot it down. I guess I’ll have to start scouring the internet and antique stores to find some and hopefully Sam the dog doesn’t make them his new bed.

Oh, and my three tasks last week have not been accomplished. I am ashamed… Not really. I was able to paint the kitchen cabinets and they look amazing, but I still have yet to sew up the wall hanging and hang the shelves. Having a one year old is the biggest time suck ever. Going to parks is serious business. And we go to a lot of parks. Ah well, better that my child have a super fun childhood instead of his mom slaving away all day on housework. Right?