Basket Weaving

by rayandskye

So I took a Torrey Pines basket weaving class at the UCSD Craft Center yesterday. I have to say I am kind of bummed out by my finished product. To me it looks like something that you would find in the back of the thrift store in the bric-a-brac section. It really might end up there. You can probably buy it for .99, if you’re lucky…

I do have to say that I am glad that I took the class and learned some more weaving techniques. I just don’t think that pine needles and raffia are my style. I have been stalking the Craft Center calendar for a while now because I really wanted to take the basket weaving class that incorporated African and Native American weaving techniques. I found out yesterday that the course will be offered later in the spring.

Remember how in my last post I said that the Craft Center is like being back in the 70’s in a macrame wall hanging kind of way? Well it 100% lived up to that as our instructor read poetry to us while we quietly wove pine needles into teeny tiny little baskets.  Usually I feel really uncomfortable when people read poetry aloud, but I didn’t mind yesterday. It actually was kind of relaxing and nice. I forget the poets name, but she was from New England (like me) and I had great visuals of the landscape that she was poetically describing. Its all about connecting to the earth. Right? 

Anyway, here is my basket in its complete bric-a-brac glory!