A week gone by

by rayandskye

Wow! Declaring that I am going to accomplish three tasks a week is starting to kick my ass! I sanded, primed and painted the kitchen cabinets. Pictures to come soon because I still have to attach the handles. I cut out the fabric to make the wall hanging for Skye’s new room, but I am nowhere close to hanging the shelves in the dining area. I’ll have to grovel with Zach when he comes home to help me. On top of all this I cleared out all of Skye’s new room to be painted tomorrow and sanded down the doors. What came over me? Seriously I don’t know… It might of been the 18 cups of coffee that I drank yesterday. 

Besides wowing Skye with my endless knowledge of Thomas the Train I totally forgot that I am taking a basket weaving class at the UCSD Craft Center tomorrow. So so excited! If you are in San Diego and have never taken a class here before you should! They offer everything from glass blowing to jewelry making. The buildings that make up the craft center are amazing.  Its like being transported back to the 70’s in a macrame wall hanging kind of way. 

How did the week fly by so fast? Seriously???