Month: February, 2012


I know that it is all self-induced drama, but I swooped in at the last minute today on an Ebay auction. I had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding as the seconds ticked by and then I WON!

Yesterday I was bidding on a carpet on Ebay and in the last 3 seconds I was outbid by one measly dollar, but today I was prepared. I set my bid way too high for Zachs’ comfort level and pressed bid with 10 seconds to go. I watched it go up twice and then stop at $71.00!!! Needless to say I was jumping up and down in excitement which then made Skye jump up and down and then we did our happy dance.

So now this beauty is going to come live with us in the next 14-23 days! Its 116 inches long and almost two feet wide and it is going to reside in front of the long cabinets in the kitchen. It will be a rainbow of beautifulness every time I walk into our loft.

I didn’t post last week since I was so busy having my mom and nephew in town. We had so much fun and Skye has some serious hero worship for his big cousin Cougar.


The Pig

Every day Skye and I walk by this apartment building in our neighborhood that has this pig on the front step.

The people who live there are always painting it when its a holiday or a fun color or design in between holidays. Skye is in love with the pig! He likes to put his fingers in his nose. Sometimes he kisses it and lays his head on it. 

The Week

Aggghhhhh! Why is it so hard to keep a blog going? I really wanted to use this blog as a catalyst for me to achieve my goals and to document bits and pieces of my life with Skye.  This week (every week) just flew by. Sometimes I barely have a moment to just sit and rest a minute. Having a 19 month old little boy is crazy to say the least. He definitely keeps me on my toes.

Amongst my list of goals was to shave my legs (this goal was in my head). Thats so embarrassing that I just said that aloud to the internet blogosphere world. Seriously it was bad, but with Valentines Day and a good friends wedding coming up this week I figured I ought to tackle the forest that was growing on my legs. Bring out the high heels I am chic again! Sort of…

I did hang the shelves that I keep on talking about. Zach helped me last weekend. They look really fantastic and I got to bring out a lot of my ceramics from storage including seven pieces from my sister and brother in laws line Kiln. I’ve had a lot of my stuff put away for such a long time because of Skye so its nice to see it out again.  I need to take a picture. I actually need to figure out how to use the new camera that we just boughtt.

I’m jam packing the whole week into one post so forgive me if I come across a little ADD.

Skye’s new bedroom got painted and we had carpet laid last weekend too. It looks so good! Now if we can only get him to sleep in there and not suctioned cupped to my boob all night. Any tips on weaning? Anyone??? We painted the room white and the carpet is called Storm Cloud which I think is perfect for someone named Skye. It is really great to have all his toys, books and stuffed animals all corralled into one room. We still have a lot of toys in the living room, but its not so overwhelming for me. I can’t believe how much more stuff we own now because of Skye and in such a short amount of time too.

I’ve been letting Skye walk a lot. I think he did about a mile yesterday. He had so much fun being a free little person and not strapped down in his stroller. And he fell asleep about an hour earlier than usual! I let him walk to the trolley today and then we rode it just for fun. Best $5 I’ve spent in a while. It made his day. Anything that makes this kid happy makes me happy.

So what did I do this week? I made a cool wood bead trivet that I saw on a great blog that I love called I love this blog! She has such great style and her son is adorable to boot! 

I got some gorgeous strawberries at the farmers market this weekend and made jam today. I don’t really follow a recipe I just cut up the strawberries throw in a cup of sugar and a squeeze or two of lemon. I simmer it until I can run my finger down the spoon and the syrup doesn’t ooze back together. Homemade jam is the best.

Okay, I think thats it for the week. Now that I see it typed out in front of me I definitely did accomplish a few things. Next up is tackling our closets. Thank goodness my Mom is coming into town this weekend!

Living Room

I am so in love with this room. I am especially in love with the floor pillows. I love our living room set up, but there is this weird gap between the carpet and the piano that super bugs me. A few huge floor pillows like this might do the trick! We actually have an old Kilim rug that my parents gave to us that I could take to an upholsterer to have made into floor pillows, but when I mentioned it to Zach he shot it down. I guess I’ll have to start scouring the internet and antique stores to find some and hopefully Sam the dog doesn’t make them his new bed.

Oh, and my three tasks last week have not been accomplished. I am ashamed… Not really. I was able to paint the kitchen cabinets and they look amazing, but I still have yet to sew up the wall hanging and hang the shelves. Having a one year old is the biggest time suck ever. Going to parks is serious business. And we go to a lot of parks. Ah well, better that my child have a super fun childhood instead of his mom slaving away all day on housework. Right?

Basket Weaving

So I took a Torrey Pines basket weaving class at the UCSD Craft Center yesterday. I have to say I am kind of bummed out by my finished product. To me it looks like something that you would find in the back of the thrift store in the bric-a-brac section. It really might end up there. You can probably buy it for .99, if you’re lucky…

I do have to say that I am glad that I took the class and learned some more weaving techniques. I just don’t think that pine needles and raffia are my style. I have been stalking the Craft Center calendar for a while now because I really wanted to take the basket weaving class that incorporated African and Native American weaving techniques. I found out yesterday that the course will be offered later in the spring.

Remember how in my last post I said that the Craft Center is like being back in the 70’s in a macrame wall hanging kind of way? Well it 100% lived up to that as our instructor read poetry to us while we quietly wove pine needles into teeny tiny little baskets.  Usually I feel really uncomfortable when people read poetry aloud, but I didn’t mind yesterday. It actually was kind of relaxing and nice. I forget the poets name, but she was from New England (like me) and I had great visuals of the landscape that she was poetically describing. Its all about connecting to the earth. Right? 

Anyway, here is my basket in its complete bric-a-brac glory!

A week gone by

Wow! Declaring that I am going to accomplish three tasks a week is starting to kick my ass! I sanded, primed and painted the kitchen cabinets. Pictures to come soon because I still have to attach the handles. I cut out the fabric to make the wall hanging for Skye’s new room, but I am nowhere close to hanging the shelves in the dining area. I’ll have to grovel with Zach when he comes home to help me. On top of all this I cleared out all of Skye’s new room to be painted tomorrow and sanded down the doors. What came over me? Seriously I don’t know… It might of been the 18 cups of coffee that I drank yesterday. 

Besides wowing Skye with my endless knowledge of Thomas the Train I totally forgot that I am taking a basket weaving class at the UCSD Craft Center tomorrow. So so excited! If you are in San Diego and have never taken a class here before you should! They offer everything from glass blowing to jewelry making. The buildings that make up the craft center are amazing.  Its like being transported back to the 70’s in a macrame wall hanging kind of way. 

How did the week fly by so fast? Seriously???


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