Three Things a Week

by rayandskye

I am really looking forward to the three things that I have planned to do around the house this week! I feel like by me declaring on this blog {even if no one is reading it} that I am going to do something that I will definitely 95% do it. I’m leaving 5% out because I can be so lazy sometimes.

Last week I declared that I would paint the large wall by my kitchen table, hang two paintings, hang my new Noguchi light and hang a shelving unit. I did three out of four things! I also just went to the hardware store today and got a cord cover to hide the cord thats hanging down the wall from the light. I hate dangling cords. Actually I hate all cords.

So now for this week I am going to try to 1. prime/paint the kitchen cabinets 2. sew up a window cover for Skye’s new room and 3. hang the shelves. I think I can do all of it especially since I have babysitting arranged for Thursday so that I can paint. Yay yay yay!

On another note I think that Zach and I are going to take the plunge and buy a really nice new digital camera. So be prepared for some better quality pictures instead of my crappy iphone pics.