Good Days/Bad Days

by rayandskye

Today was one of the hardest days that I have ever had with Skye. He has a cold, he’s clingy and he’s getting a few new teeth. I could barely put him down all day. He clung to me like a spider monkey and was pulling my shirt down to nurse the entire day. I couldn’t even use the bathroom without having to hold him. At one point (and I feel so bad saying this) I thought “please just leave me alone”. I feel so awful that I even thought that because I know how bad he needed me for comfort. After a much needed nap I put him screaming into the stroller to run some errands. These pictures were taken for maybe the five minute period that I let him walk around freely by the fountain that he loves so much. It was short lived after he tried to run into the street twice. We had to go to the hardware store to get a few things and the man who makes the keys let him press the big green button! That made his day until I had to put him into his carriage. Now he is sleeping sweetly in his crib and I keep on looking at pictures of him because I miss him. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.