Month: January, 2012

Three Things a Week

I am really looking forward to the three things that I have planned to do around the house this week! I feel like by me declaring on this blog {even if no one is reading it} that I am going to do something that I will definitely 95% do it. I’m leaving 5% out because I can be so lazy sometimes.

Last week I declared that I would paint the large wall by my kitchen table, hang two paintings, hang my new Noguchi light and hang a shelving unit. I did three out of four things! I also just went to the hardware store today and got a cord cover to hide the cord thats hanging down the wall from the light. I hate dangling cords. Actually I hate all cords.

So now for this week I am going to try to 1. prime/paint the kitchen cabinets 2. sew up a window cover for Skye’s new room and 3. hang the shelves. I think I can do all of it especially since I have babysitting arranged for Thursday so that I can paint. Yay yay yay!

On another note I think that Zach and I are going to take the plunge and buy a really nice new digital camera. So be prepared for some better quality pictures instead of my crappy iphone pics.


Have you ever regretted having a renovation done? I do… Every time I look at the back splash in my bathroom my eyes immediately go to every area that the tiles don’t match up.  I have daydreams of cutting all the tile out and relaying it myself. I have a secret plot to do it once Zach is on tour so that he won’t freak out on me for paying to have something done and then doing it over. We’ve been down this road before. The worst part is that they’re Heath tiles that I splurged on with no plan to use them at the time. I just wanted to own a box of Heath tiles. I know it’s silly, but in my head I knew they would look fantastic in my house. So when it came time to redo the bathroom my box of tile that I had sitting around for how long finally got to be used. Lesson one when you are having someone else work on your home DON’T LEAVE THE HOUSE! I left and when I came back the tile wasn’t laid subway style and half of them don’t match up. I need to speak up for myself more when I am not happy about things and not worry if I’m going to offend someone. So now for the past 3 years every time I look at the tile it just bums me out. Someday (hopefully soon) I’ll fix it.

Mr. Blue Skye

What a great week so far and its only half way through! It rained out over the weekend and Skye had so much fun splashing in puddles. I made tomato soup with tortellini that Skye flipped out over. He pretty much hates everything I make, but occasionally we have a winner. Every night he has a blast in the tub. Especially since I bought 100 balls for $10 and made a ball pit in the tub for him. We found some dandelions today and I taught him how to blow on them and now I am hearing him squealing in delight playing with his papa.

Rachel Ehlin Interview – Ideas are like Rabbits

I was interviewed on Ideas are like Rabbits

Rachel Ehlin Interview – Ideas are like Rabbits.

Urban Cowboy

Only my six year old nephew named Cougar who lives in Brooklyn can pull off this shirt! Amvets score for $2.95! I can’t wait to see him in it.

Three Things a Week

I’m trying to accomplish three things a week around our loft. I don’t want to be too unrealistic about what I can get done and if I can only get one or two things done its not the end of the world. This week its painting the big wall by our dining table, hanging two paintings, hanging one shelf unit and hanging my new Noguchi light! So technically its four things, but Zach will be helping me with all of the hanging and we should be able to get it done in a night. I am so excited to have our dining area done. I think it will create an all around feel with the dining/living area. I decided to go with the Ekby/Jarpen/Ekby Gallo wall shelf in white. I kept going back and forth between this shelf and the String Pocket Shelves. Zach liked this shelf better and it was about $100 cheaper. I like that the shelf will kind of fade into the wall while whatever I put on it will really be showcased. At the beginning of football season Zach told me that if he won his Fantasy Football league that he would buy me the hanging Akari light that I’ve been wanting forever. He totally made good by his word after he won he immediately surprised me and bought it. I had actually forgotten that he said he’d buy me the light. I love Zach!

Good Days/Bad Days

Today was one of the hardest days that I have ever had with Skye. He has a cold, he’s clingy and he’s getting a few new teeth. I could barely put him down all day. He clung to me like a spider monkey and was pulling my shirt down to nurse the entire day. I couldn’t even use the bathroom without having to hold him. At one point (and I feel so bad saying this) I thought “please just leave me alone”. I feel so awful that I even thought that because I know how bad he needed me for comfort. After a much needed nap I put him screaming into the stroller to run some errands. These pictures were taken for maybe the five minute period that I let him walk around freely by the fountain that he loves so much. It was short lived after he tried to run into the street twice. We had to go to the hardware store to get a few things and the man who makes the keys let him press the big green button! That made his day until I had to put him into his carriage. Now he is sleeping sweetly in his crib and I keep on looking at pictures of him because I miss him. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

Spoons and Mugs

After my grandmother passed away my sister went over to her house and our grandfather let her pick out some things that were special to us. I love that she picked out her cooking spoons and one of her coffee mugs for me. The spoons are so warn. One has a black burn on it and another has Chinese writing. The mug is just so cool! I always wondered where she got it?

Kiln Design Studio by kilndesignstudio on Etsy

Kiln Design Studio by kilndesignstudio on Etsy.

My sister and her husband are crazy talented enamelists. They make the most beautiful housewares and jewelry. From start to finish their work oozes such amazing hand-craftedness that is so breathtaking. Jay makes all of his own forms, spins copper and forges the metal. Each piece is unique and a little bit different. You can see more of their work at

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